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Keith Alexander Lee is an award winning illustrator based in Hong Kong. After obtaining his Master of Fine Arts in illustration with Savannah College of Art and Design, he is now working as a free-lance illustrator. He Incorporates traditional drawing elements into his digital illustrations to create his unique style. His conceptual illustrations are simple yet thought provoking. His areas of expertise include editorial illustration, poster designs, advertising, and packaging. He is creative, organized, a great communicator and works well with others.

Honors and Awards: 
Communication Arts 2022 Illustration Competition Finalist
Society of Illustrators LA Illustration Competition - Illustration West 60 selected winner

3x3 Annual No.19 Professional Show, Merit Winner
3x3 Annual No.19 Student Show, Merit Winner
Graphis Designer For Peace Honorable Mention
IDA Design Award 2022, Honorable Mention

Creative Quarterly 68, Runner Up

Creative Quarterly 69, Runner Up

Creative Quarterly 70, Runner Up
Creative Quarterly 71, Winner

Society of Illustrators LA Illustration Competition - Illustration West 61 selected winner

iJungle Illustration Competition - Merit Winner

Illustrated for: Politico, Bonnier Corp., Tesla, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Hong Kong Psychology Society, AXA hk, Well Genius Technology Ltd., ThinkCol Ltd., Kerry Logistic, SCAN Magazine, MCLARTS, Little Daisies Ltd.

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